What to Wear (and Not Wear) When You’re On Camera

Here Are 10 Tips from Content Puppy Productions, a Charlotte Video Production Agency.

Believe it or not, the clothes you wear can have a huge impact on your video performance, and on how you look on camera.

Keep these 10 tips in mind for your next North Carolina creative video production.

  1. Choose Comfortable Clothes

The first tip is to choose clothes that fit and feel good. Being comfortable will help you appear confident on camera. Tight clothing or uncomfortable shoes can affect how you move, your posture, even your facial expressions. And you’d be surprised how easily that can come across on camera.

Whether you work with Content Puppy Productions, or another Charlotte Video Production Company, you’ll get expert advice about your wardrobe and performance.

  1. Project the Right Image

Another consideration when choosing what to wear is the image you want to project. In a corporate video, you probably want to project leadership and professionalism. That’s why so many executives appear in standard business attire.

However, authenticity is also important. If you don’t usually wear a suit and tie, perhaps you’d be more comfortable being casual. Of course, if you’re a CEO, you probably shouldn’t wear sweatpants on camera, unless you run the company that manufactures them.

  1. Beware of Pinstripes

This next tip is based on how televisions, computers and mobile devices display video. Video images are made up of hundreds of vertical scan lines, and those narrow lines can distort when you wear fabrics with thin, vertical lines.

That’s why pinstripes, plaids, and even herringbone patterns can cause problems, especially on broadcast TV.

That’s sensible advice from a Corporate Video Production Agency.

  1. Minimize Wrinkles

Some fabrics, like linen, look awesome when you first put them on, but start showing wrinkles soon after. And wrinkled clothing can make you appear nervous or disheveled on camera—not a good look.

You’re much better off wearing wrinkle-free fabrics, so you come across as more professional and “put together.”

  1. Avoid Dark Colors

One of the advantages of working with a Charlotte Video Production Company is having a professional behind the camera. Someone who knows how to adjust settings and get perfect exposure every time.

However, perfect exposure can be difficult with the wrong clothing choices. For example, if you have pale skin and wear solid black.

  1. Watch Out for Whites

The same is true for dark skin and bright white clothing. The extreme contrast makes setting exposure difficult. The solution is to wear medium tones—light gray, or beige.

Of course, most business executives don’t choose wardrobe based on camera exposure. Yet another reason why it’s best to follow the advice of a good North Carolina video production agency.

  1. Don’t Wear Red

Some camera sensors also have a hard time with bright red. The color can “bleed” and make nearby objects appear red as well. If you must wear red, choose burgundy or maroon.

  1. Wear Solid Colors

That’s a lot of advice about what NOT to wear. So what SHOULD you wear? It’s hard to go wrong with solid colors, such as blues, denims and teals. Those colors usually pop and look great on camera.

Green can be good, too, unless you’re shooting green screen. In that case, your clothing needs to separate easily from the green background.

  1. Be Careful with Jewelry

Watches, bracelets and earrings can all look stunning on camera. The only downside is noise—you shouldn’t wear anything that rattles when you move.

Shotgun microphones are extremely sensitive and will pick up every clink and clank. And if a swinging necklace bumps into the lav mic pinned to your blouse, it can ruin an audio track.

  1. Bring a Selection

If you’re still not sure about what to wear on camera, the best advice is to bring two or three outfits to choose from. Let the professionals at your corporate video production company help you make the right choice.

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